Graphology Report Maker

Graphology Report Maker 

Handwriting Analysis

Print your own handwriting reports

Chakras and handwriting

Easy to follow instructions.

A practical website that can help you
to compile hundreds of printed Graphology  reports.


In the interpretations and notes of your handwriting,  I try to be as
accurate as possible. If you read
  any short comings in your graphology
reading, these are not intended
  to offend you. Only to show where there
is room for improvement.
Also an opportunity for personal growth. If you
can identify any
problem  area,  then you stand a better chance of fixing it.
Of course, you  don't  have to change if you don't want to.

This is my free report for you.

 Lose weight by changing your handwriting.

This  report shows you what the best mind set is for losing 
weight and  how to achieve that mind set for your self.

This is done by prescribed handwriting exercises, designed
to boost your will power and positivity. Also to help you to
let go of any feelings of guilt and to feel good about your self.

Discover how a small group of people changed their mind set 
and lost weight by doing the very same  handwriting exercises 
in this report..

Now you can see for your self, how the handwriting exercises
can help, you to transform your life.

This report is free for you to download and to give it away in
the same form. If you find the report helpful, you can always come
back later on sometime and make a small donation if you wish to.

Click the link below to download Lose weight by changing your
handwriting by Ian Goulding.
Size : 257.052 Kb
Type : zip

 Does graphology work ?

Is it possible to see a persons characteristics embedded within their
handwriting ? This is the site where you can find out for yourself. Here

you can give yourself a graphology reading and see if it works or not.

Many years ago I studied graphology. I wrote a book called Do it

yourself graphology and created this site from the book. I gave

graphology readings at festivals like Glastonbury, Womad and the

Big Green Gathering.

When I gave  readings I would first, identify the handwriting movements.

Then speak for about 20 to 30 minutes off the cuff. On this site I show

you how to identify your handwriting movements.  Then tell you what that

says about you, further down the page.

Look  at the described handwriting movement in the samples (at the top 
of each page). Look in your own handwriting for the same handwriting
movement. If you can see it,copy and paste the relevant sections about
your handwriting into notepad. If you can not see it, leave it out. In this way
you can  and make your own  handwriting analysis report.

Use the paper from your printer and write about half a dozen lines

or so, in your own handwriting. You can make something up, or copy

from a book or magazine.

Start at 1 slant , then go through the rest of  the numbered pages.  Copying
and pasting the relevant sections as you go .

When you have completed your report, you can see for yourself how
accurate handwriting analysis can be.

 The Handwriting University is another site where you can get a free report.
Click here to get a second opinion on your handwriting. From Bart Baggett's
handwriting wizard online software.

Amaze yourself and your friends
These are quick ways  to put together a personality profile for yourself  or for
anyone else.

Grapho Therapy
Grapho Therapy = Change your writing , change your life. I suggest positive
changes in your handwriting  where it will benefit  you. Consciousness has
the ability to change form and form can change consciousness.

Eye Training
Eye Training = Above the handwriting samples you will see a list of  other
handwriting movements. Read the list and then look for them in the sample.
This will help your eye training. Knowing what to look for and how to recognize
it. Also you will learn how to see a variety of handwriting movements at the
same time. This will be easier after you are more familiar with  Graphology
Report Maker

Comprehensive Handwriting Course
If you read Graphology Report Maker from start to finish it turns into a
comprehensive handwriting analysis  course.  That is very easy to understand
for beginners.

New Discoveries
Handwriting Analysis is an art and science that has been developing over 
many years by people who are fascinated by the subject. They study
and practice and  sometimes they  make new discoveries . Which 
then gets added to the information that already exists on the subject.

If anyone studies a subject in depth, sooner or later they will make a
few new discoveries about their particular subject. I would like to share
with you a new discovery I  have made in the field of  handwriting analysis.

 Chakras and handwriting
This relates to the 3 zones in handwriting,  upper zone, middle zone 
and lower zone. I will show you how the 7 colors of the rainbow and
the chakra system fit into the  3  zones.  This will give you greater depth
of understanding when looking at handwriting.  It can also be used as
a graphology tool to help work out the meaning of handwriting movements 
you are not sure of.

So all in all you can get quite a bit from Graphology Report Maker

Learn to read people like a book.
A page of handwriting can tell me more about the writer in 5 minuets
than any other method I know.

I have  made it easy for beginners to follow and use.
Become an expert graphologist here.

Easytouse Graphology Report Maker is an updated version of
Do It Yourself Graphology.  The Book About You.


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